Skin Aging

How Professional Exfoliation Unlocks Your Skin’s Potential

When’s the last time you were amazed by how quickly a paper cut heals? It takes just hours until we’re running around sans bandage, forgetting the intensity of the sting that was so bad it made our whole hand throb.

Skin is amazing at recovering from injury. In fact, the injury process kicks tons of cells into gear to start the repair process as quickly as the wound occurs. Professionals call this the wound-healing phase, and this process keeps pathogens out to ensure skin stays protected and healthy.

Professional exfoliation and resurfacing treatments naturally trigger skin’s wound-healing phase because they lift off the surface layers of skin. When it comes to post-treatment care, the wound-healing phase can block skin’s receptiveness to benefits from high-powered serums. Instead of diving deep into the layers of skin where they will have the most impact, the wound-healing phase causes treatment ingredients to simply sit on the surface of skin, where they have little or no impact.

The key is to perform exfoliation and simultaneously optimize skin’s receptivity to nourishing, age-fighting ingredients for maximum impact—before the wound-healing phase begins.

This is where Dermalinfusion comes in. Dermalinfusion’s 3-in-1 professional device delivers gentle yet effective skin resurfacing. Then, at the precise moment of exfoliation, the patented device infuses skin with potent and powerful serums to help clarify, hydrate and rejuvenate, and even brighten.

Only Dermalinfusion has the technology to work faster than skin’s wound-healing phase to feed your skin with serums during resurfacing.

Ready to see and feel the Dermalinfusion difference?

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