Luxury Treatments for Aging Skin

Envy Medical’s treatments and products address the one skin condition everyone has in common: the condition of aging.

The aging we see on our skin (and the aging that’s happening beneath the surface) is caused by 2 factors: intrinsic (internally or biologically-driven) aging and extrinsic (externally-driven) aging.

Intrinsic aging is often referred to as natural aging (or chronological aging) because it is controlled by genetics and biological changes that happen as we age.

By-Products of Aging Skin

Extrinsic aging is the result of exposure to external sources such as UV light, pollution, stress, and diet that can accelerate the natural (intrinsic) aging process. Extrinsic aging is commonly referred to as premature aging.

When intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors collide, our skin can suffer from the side effects that include (but are not limited to) slower cellular turnover, hyperpigmentation, environmental/oxidative stress and inflammation.

These aging skin issues can negatively impact one’s emotional state, well-being, and interactions with others.


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