Lumixyl Peptide

Envy Medical’s Patented Peptide,
researched and developed by Stanford University


Peptides are molecules created to mimic amino acids that occur naturally in our body. Peptides are essential to skin health because they can replicate processes in the body that have slowed, been damaged, or stopped, such as collagen production or the overproduction of melanin that leads to dark spots. Peptides are embraced by dermatologists and product researchers because they are consistent and deliver clinically proven results.

Peptide research is leading the charge in the search for safe and effective hyperpigmentation treatments. Peptides have been clinically tested to effectively inhibit human tyrosinase activity by blocking excess pigmentation without damaging the melanocyte and neighboring cells.



Committed to providing a more efficacious and safer method to treating hyperpigmentation at the source, Envy Medical partnered with Stanford University to develop and patent the Lumixyl peptide (Decapeptide-12). Scientifically researched and clinically proven, Lumixyl reduces hyperpigmentation sun spots, age spots, hormonally-induced hyperpigmentation and PIH without irritation. Lumixyl is the cornerstone of Envy Medical’s skin brightening strategy, and stands as a groundbreaking discovery in the desire for safe, efficacious, and successful treatment of hyperpigmentation.

How It Works

A key ingredient in several Envy Medical skin care products, the Lumixyl Peptide reduces the appearance and intensity of dark spots without damaging melanocytes and surrounding cells. It targets the malfunctioning cells, inhibiting melanin production by attaching to the natural tyrosinase found in the melanosomes.

Lumixyl Safely Blocks Tyrosinase, the Enzyme that Causes Dark Spots.


Safe for all Skin Types

The Lumixyl peptide is considered safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, has been clinically tested and shown to be non-irritating, and repeated patch testing at high concentrations and in-use clinical trials demonstrated no irritant contact dermatitis. Products formulated with Lumixyl can be used long-term, with no need to stop usage after several months.

Visible skin improvements reported from using products with Lumixyl include more even skin tone, a reduction in dark spots, and improved texture.

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