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The Antidote for Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin? You need more than moisturizers.

Dry, dehydrated, even flaky and itchy skin isn’t just annoying. It can also cause serious skin issues like breakouts, susceptibility to sensitivity, and premature aging. Before you blame your moisturizer for not doing its job, read on…

Dead skin cells, dirt, pollution, and make-up that accumulate on the skin’s surface can obstruct moisturizer absorption. This build-up creates an impermeable wall that moisturizers can’t get through. The result: your skin is under-hydrated and undernourished – and that moisturizer is just sitting uselessly on top of your skin.

Professionals know consistent, skin-plumping moisture comes from 3 sources: healthy collagen levels, proper exfoliation, and highly-active hydrating serums that deeply permeate the skin. Dermalinfusion treatments deliver the exfoliation and resurfacing skin needs for enhanced hydration benefits. The diamond treatment tips deep clean and clear away build-up. This professional resurfacing process also stimulates collagen production and reveals newer, fresher surface cells that are better equipped to drink in hydration benefits from serums like Ultra-Hydrating Pro-Infusion Serum.

With all the vitamins, serums, peptides and forms of retinol available, you’d be surprised to learn that hydration is the greatest ingredient for skin. Dehydrated skin can trigger everything from fine lines and sensitivity to, yes, breakouts. Hydration levels dip as we age, making it all the more critical to up skin’s hydration levels to retain youthfullness. Even in the warmer summer months when we can count on humidity to help hydrate our skin, increased sun exposure and forced air conditioning can trigger dehydration. We also change our microclimates and climates more frequently during the summer, thanks to more frequent outdoor activities, vacations, and air travel.

While upping your water intake is good, it’s simply not enough. Enter Dermalinfusion’s Ultra-Hydrating Pro-Infusion Serum. At the exact moment of exfoliation, this supercharged hydration powerhouse is driven deep into skin where it can have the greatest, longest-lasting benefits. The replenishing, professional-grade proprietary formula contains AcquaCell™ Watermelon and Apple Extract Complex for a significant boost of hydration that quickly quenches dehydrated skin. Sodium Hyaluronate enhances skin hydration levels as Allantoin soothes and moisturizes.

An added plus: properly hydrated skin looks plumper, fuller and visibly relieves depth of fine lines and wrinkles.

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