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Diamond Tip Resurfacing vs. Traditional Resurfacing: What’s the Difference?  

Professional microdermabrasion resurfacing has been the gold standard in skin rejuvenation for over 30 decades. It exfoliates and stimulates collagen…so can it get any better? Yes, and it turns out, it’s a girl’s best friend.

Diamond tip exfoliation (yes, real diamonds) is the latest form of skin resurfacing technology, and you can find it in the Dermalinfusion system. Traditional microdermabrasion sprays loose aluminum oxide crystals over the skin, Dermalinfusion uses a diamond tip to evenly abrade each section of the skin, elevating this amazing device (and the treatment you receive) to a class of its own. Diamond tips can more precisely target skin around the eyes and lips, as there isn’t a risk of the loose crystals entering the eyes or the mouth.

Dermalinfusion takes skin care safety one step further with a recessed diamond tip. Instead of directly abrading the skin, Dermalinfusion’s proprietary technology lifts the skin to meet the recessed tip. This means no matter how much pressure may be applied by the professional administering the treatment, skin won’t ever be subject to risk of over-exfoliation that can damage skin.

As with any diamond, it’s all about the size. The diamonds selected for Dermalinfusion tips start out at various sizes then put through a meticulous filtration process to separate out various particle sizes (grits) from coarsest to finest. The diamonds are then plated to the tips, and the abrasiveness of the diamond tip is based on the coarseness of the grit. Professional resurfacing treatments are all about the grit, or the roughness of the physical exfoliant being used. This roughness is determined by your skin’s type and desired results. Dermalinfusion offers 6 levels of diamond tip grits for your ideal level of resurfacing.

Diamond tips also optimize skin for maximum absorption of Dermalinfusion’s custom Pro-Serum Infusion Serums. The device adds an entirely new level of customization by allowing for two serums to be used during one treatment. So, if you struggle with congestion around the chin but need a rush of Vitamin C for dark spots, your Dermalinfusion professional can treat both with powerful serums all in one treatment.

These diamond tip benefits give your Dermalinfusion provider more freedom and customization without overstimulating skin or triggering downtime—which ultimately means you, as their patient, receive amazing results.

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