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In a World of DIY Skin Care Devices, Here’s Why Dermatologists Still Matter

Visiting a dermatologist might seem passé: especially in our have it all DIY devices offering “results that rival a doctor’s office” that are delivered in less than a day.

What these made-for-all devices lack is medical-grade customization that can only come from a trained technician. And, you can Google your daily skin situations all day, but you’ll never come up with a diagnosis or a treatment that fixes skin fast.

Customization start’s with a professional’s training. Only a pro is trained to diagnose your skin based on your history, and how your skin looks and feels in that moment. And, only a professional can provide treatment and home-care solutions that won’t make your skin issue worse.

Dermatologists rely heavily on professional devices they can adapt to a patient’s needs. Many dermatologists are choosing Dermalinfusion because it gives them infinite customization options. In addition to more precise diamond tip exfoliation, Dermalinfusion can be customized to use two serums in one treatment. That means if you’re like most people, you can treat your lines and wrinkles while taking on those dark spots. Or, you can unclog pores while drenching skin in essential, balancing hydration.  And much more!

It doesn’t stop there. Dermatologists know which products you need, when you need them, and where to use them. You don’t want to undo the benefits of a professional treatment by using products that you picked because your friend uses them.

With a world of DIY devices offering “results that rival a dermatologist’s office,” it might seem like visiting a professional for treatments is passé. But, what they can offer is a level of customization you can’t get from a “made for all” device.

It’s time to stop taking skin matters into our own hands. Click here to find a Dermalinfusion dermatologist near you.

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