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Doctor Ashish BhatiaNothing Prior Has Worked So Effectively

“Nothing prior has worked so effectively,” says Ashish C. Bhatia, M.D., FAAD, Medical Director for Dermatologic Research at the DuPage Medical Group in Naperville, IL. “Dermalinfusion works to abrade the skin and remove the dead skin cells, but it goes beyond that to actually infuse serums into the skin. Until now, we really did not have anything that works so effectively to treat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.”

— Ashish Bhatia, MD
The Dermatology Institute
Chicago, IL

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Doctor Julius FewNext-Generation Microdermabrasion

“Think of it as the next generation of microdermabrasion, so it is actually liquid based as opposed to little sand crystals; you can infuse different agents to make the skin brighter and get rid of wrinkles. The easiest way to think about it is to imagine a medical grade power washer for the skin. That is really what this is; a way to infuse different agents to help brighten the skin and help make fine lines and wrinkles actually go away. It is ideal as a standalone facial, but what we found is you can actually apply this to kind of “open the door” to the skin. And that’s really where the concept of stacking procedures came in, so that then I can apply other techniques that are less invasive.”

— Julius Few, MD
The Few Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
New York and Chicago

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Doctor Vic NarurkarTherapeutically Guided Skincare

“Dermalinfusion has truly revolutionized the way I think of doing minimally invasive procedures for my patients. It takes microdermabrasion to the next level of therapeutically guided skincare. If somebody comes in with true skin issues such as resistant acne, melasma, even fine scars, we weren’t able to really address those issues with microdermabrasion. With Dermalinfusion, we are able to infuse a variety of topical agents, which in my opinion, makes the treatment much more effective and long lasting. It is very safe and effective. In fact, before I embarked on treating other patients, I started using it on myself, and I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. There were very limited options for me in terms of the pigmentary issues I had. The fact that you can treat all different skin types is a huge added bonus in our practice.”

— Vic Narurkar, MD
Bay Area Laser Institute
San Francisco, CA

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Doctor Mary LupoA Very Popular Option

“Dermalinfusion is a very, very popular option in our office. While we are removing the dead surface skin cells, we are actually infusing the skin with important nutrients. Sometimes we use things to hydrate the skin, sometimes to brighten the skin, sometimes to improve collagen stimulation. Dermalinfusion is particularly effective for darker skin types because it is very safe, and we can use it to improve dark spots from acne as well as melasma. It is a very safe and versatile tool that we use here at the Lupo Center.”

— Mary Lupo, MD
Lupo Center for Dermatology
New Orleans, LA

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Doctor Joel SchlessingerCan Help Jump-Start Therapies for KP

“We have had very good success with Dermalinfusion in our patient population. The infusion system is excellent and we have found that there is a great deal of interest in this procedure versus a standard microdermabrasion.” In treating the body, Dr. Schlessinger notes, “many people find that chicken skin (keratosis pilaris or KP) makes their arms look discolored or damaged in appearance, and SilkPeel helps achieve a better luster and smoother feel. Dermalinfusion can help jumpstart any topical therapies for KP. The time to get ready for spring or summer is a month or two before they start. Dermalinfusion is also ideal for getting rid of the debris in your pores and sloughing off dry skin cells.”

— Joel Schlessinger MD
Skin Specialists, P.C.
Omaha, NE

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Doctor Rebecca FitzgeraldFor An Instant Glow

“Today we are going to talk a little bit about how to look rested, when you’re not. And I think we all know that nothing makes us look older, faster than exhaustion. So what, if anything, can we do to instantly take off a few years, and make her skin look dewy and glowy for an event tonight? And we are going to talk about that answer. What we are going to use, is the Dermalinfusion Microdermabrasion. It infuses solution into the skin and there is a little bit of suction. So we are going to stretch the skin here and take off some of that dry dead skin.” (demonstrating Dermalinfusion on “The Doctors”)

— Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
Los Angeles, CA

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Doctor Jose R MontesShows Immediate Results

According to Dr. Montes, there are only a few devices in the cosmetic industry that clearly show immediate results, and Dermalinfusion is one of them. It is differentiated by “the simultaneous Dermalinfusion that compliments the microdermabrasion. A single treatment is therefore quite comprehensive, allowing you to hydrate skin, treat melasma, acne, and prevent skin damage all at once. Dermalinfusion combines precision non-invasive exfoliation with Dermalinfusion, a deep delivery of condition-specific solutions, to improve and revitalize your skin. Medical grade diamonds exfoliate the outer layer of your skin while infusing serums deep in the skin where therapeutic changes can occur.”

— Jose. R. Montes, MD
San Juan, PR

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Doctor Amy Forman Taub30-Minute Miracle Facial

“In your twenties, maintain your youthful flow and fight blemishes with a Dermalinfusion treatment. This 30-minute miracle facial has attracted celebs like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for its ability to deliver glowing complexions in a snap. The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion System delivers a salicylic acid formula into skin to exfoliate and cleanse the skin of excess sebum and acne-causing bacteria. The Dermalinfusion can help anyone who has acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, mild wrinkles, skin dullness and large pores.”

— Amy Forman Taub, MD
Advanced Dermatology
Chicago, IL

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Doctor Lisa AiranFor Pigmentation

“Dermalinfusion is a great procedure that I offer in my practice for patients looking to even out their pigmentation. The fact that it utilizes Lumixyl, thereby offering no sides effects that typical treatments can expect, makes it a home run.”

— Lisa Airan, MD
New York, NY

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Doctor Lisa ZdinakA Pre-Photoshoot Hollywood Essential

“I came across this device called Dermalinfusion , and I fell in love with it. It uses medical grade diamond burs to exfoliate the skin and at the same time pushes through needed vitamins and nutrients to help the skin rejuvenate. I first trialed it with a big Hollywood-wife client of mine. She sat up and said, “you have to get this machine!” It leaves the skin silky smooth, like glass. So it remains a popular treatment among my celebrity clientele. Whenever they have a photo shoot, they like to get a Dermalinfusion to make sure their skin is glowing. It’s wonderful because I can also change the strength or aggressiveness to address acne scarring or issues with pigmentation to resolve those issues. It also gets rid of blackheads under the surface of the skin. There are four wonderful solutions that can be infused. The Skin Brightening serum that was discovered by Stanford University is exceedingly wonderful at removing dark spots without the safety risks associated with hydroquinone.”

— Lisa A. Zdinak, MD
Chief Surgeon, Precision Aesthetics
New York, NY

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Doctor Channing BarnettOne of Our More Popular Treatments

“Dermalinfusion is one of our more popular treatments…great for hydrating, exfoliating and refreshing the skin. It can take as little as 20 minutes, and there’s no downtime. The purpose of the Dermalinfusion is to work on the blackheads and whiteheads, help peel off that outer layer of dead skin, and give the skin an overall refreshed glow. It is a very comfortable procedure, and the patient can relax during the treatment. When the treatment is over, we apply a light lotion to the skin and the patient walks out with a little bit of redness, which fades over the next 10 to 15 minutes, but feeling like a refreshed person with a beautiful new glow.”

— Channing R. Barnett, MD
Barnett Dermatology
New York, NY

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Doctor Gabriela AnconaGreat Utility from Treating Skin Conditions to Body

“Dermalinfusion combines medical-grade diamond abrasion with Dermalinfusion of solutions to address phtotodamage, anti-aging concerns, hyperpigmentation, acne or to treat undernourished skin. Dermalinfusion also has great utility for treating skin conditions on the body like follicular hyperkeratosis on the arms and neck. The Dermalinfusion BODY System can also be used to treat stretch marks on the abdomen and breasts, cellulite on the legs and buttocks, and acne scars on the back. SilkPeel is versatile in that it can be tailored to treat various skin conditions by simply using one of four different solutions specifically developed to treat dry skin, anti-aging concerns, hyperpigmentation and acne. Best of all, the SilkPeel procedure does not cause any down time to the patient, and it can be performed in under twenty minutes. Dermalinfusion is a very useful took that w e dermatologists can take advantage of to effectively treat our patients.”

— Gabriela F. Ancona, MD
Gabi Frias Dermatology
Mexico City, Mexico

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Doctor Trevor BornFor Uniform Skin Tone & Texture

On achieving uniform sk
in tone and texture, Dr. Born, one of Canada’s best-known cosmetic
surgeons, expresses enthusiasm for Dermalinfusion . “It’s a combination of microdermabrasion and the topical application of a skin brightening agent called Lumixyl, which is totally different from hydroquinone; it has none of it’s side effects,” such as rashes, hives and redness.

— Trevor M. Born, MD
TMB Cosmetic Surgery
Toronto, Canada

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Doctor Debra PriceAll-in-One Treatment

“Dermalinfusion is similar to microdermabrasion, but it’s different because it has no crystals and is not invasive. This all-in-one treatment exfoliates the skin while simultaneously infusing therapeutic solutions to address special skin care concerns. Therapeutic solutions target acne, hyperpigmented, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin. This advanced microdermabrasion technique also induces collagen stimulation and dermal remodeling. Utilizing the Dermalinfusion BODY System, we can also treat dry, rough, lackluster and hyperpigmented skin on the arms, legs, back and chest.”

— Debra Price, MD
Miami, FL

Individual results may vary

Doctor Carol ClintonCombats Rough Skin Texture

“Dermalinfusion is used to combat rough skin texture, acne or uneven complexions. It is also used for general rejuvenation in patients that want to maintain a healthy glow. Each (treatment) can be specifically tailored to the patient’s skin. This is a refreshing and comfortable procedure, and your makeup will apply smoothly following the treatment. Besides have less abrasiveness to it, I like Dermalinfusion because I can infuse different products with it. So we can infuse potent antioxidants with it, we can infuse products to help with acne and anti-aging products, so that we can really even the skin tone out for people that have some sun damage.”

— Carol Clinton, MD
Timeless Skin Solutions
Columbus, OH

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Doctor Katherine FaradyPatients Leave the Office Glowing!

“Everyone loves Dermalinfusion! If you’re not familiar with this treatment, it’s a very gentle microdermabrasion, combined with an infusion of one of four therapeutic solutions designed to address skin issues such as acne, discoloration, dehydration or sun damage. This thirty-minute procedure leaves you with extremely smooth and clean skin. Our patients leave the office glowing!”

— Katherine Farady, MD
Farady General and Cosmetic Dermatology
Austin, TX

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Doctor Bradley BengstonMicrodermabrasion on Steroids

“Dermalinfusion is like a microdermabrasion on steroids. It suctions the skin up into the hand piece and does a dermabrasion, but also can infuse different things like Vitamin C and Skin Brightening that gets rid of brown pigment stuck in the skin – all in one treatment. It refreshes the skin, revitalizes it and stimulates a collagen formation and really plumps the skin up. Directly after the treatment, it is a very dramatic effect. It also works great for more medically oriented things like acne.”

— Bradley P. Bengtson, MD
The Bengtson Center
Grand Rapids, MI

Individual results may vary

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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