An Advanced Exfoliation Treatment Your Skin Will Love

For more than 30 decades professional microdermabrasion has epitomized excellence in skin rejuvenation. It simultaneously stimulates collagen production and exfoliates the skin, leaving many to ponder a single question: does it get any better than this? Absolutely, and once you try it you will likely discover a new best friend in beauty standards excellence.

Dermalinfusion is a patented, 3-in-1 advanced skin resurfacing treatment that evenly exfoliates, extracts dirt and debris, and infuses skin with condition-specific serums for an all-inclusive treatment. And it is non-invasive with no downtime!

How does Dermalinfusion Work?

The Dermalinfusion system uses diamond tip exfoliation (that’s right, real diamonds) to deliver the latest form of skin resurfacing technology. Whereas traditional microdermabrasion emits a spray of loose aluminum oxide crystals above the skin’s surface, Dermalinfusion uses diamond tips to evenly and gently to abrade each area of skin, placing Dermalinfusion at the pinnacle of professional skin resurfacing technology.

Dermalinfusion Benefits You Will Love

Have you been tempted to get skin resurfacing around vulnerable areas like the eyes and mouth, but something held you back? Dermalinfusion’s patented technology gently targets these delicate areas.

Thanks to its recessed diamond tip, Dermalinfusion takes skin care safety a step further. It’s proprietary technology gently lifts the skin via pneumatic pressure to meet the diamond tip—as opposed to directly abrading the skin.

What Kind of Diamonds are Used in Dermalinfusion?

As with any criteria in selecting a diamond, it’s all about size. Dermalinfusion tips begin their journey at various sizes before entering a detailed filtration process that separates particle sizes (grits) from coarsest to finest. Tips are plated with diamonds and their abrasiveness is scaled according to how coarse the grit reads. A trained Dermalinfusion specialist will select the appropriate grit level that meets your desired results and skin type. There are six levels of diamond tip grits to meet a variety of resurfacing levels through Dermalinfusion technology. 

Diamond Tips Enable Absorption

Dermalinfusion uses custom Pro-Serum Infusion Serums to renew and rejuvenate the skin, and the patented 3-in1 simultaneous technology allow precision-timed delivery of serums for optimal absorption. The treatment provides a new tier of customization by allowing the use of two different serums in a single treatment. So, if you experience congestion in part of your face but require a surge of Skin Brightening Lumixyl Peptide to treat dark spots, both concerns can be addressed by a Dermalinfusion specialist in a single treatment.

Why Providers Love Dermalinfusion

Dermalinfusion providers see massive benefits in these diamond tips allowing them the freedom to offer greater resurfacing customization without over stimulating the skin. This means that you, the patient, walk away with stunning noticeable results and no downtime.

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