Blending Flawless Skin & Beauty Care with Medical Science Why the Choice is Envy Medical

Aging might be inevitable, but premature aging skin is not—at least when you’re proactive about protecting your skin.

But, where should you start? The beauty and skincare industry is heavily saturated with brands, products, and claims. It’s no wonder we get lost in the bombardment of skincare advertising and endless options to choose from. How does one know which skincare treatment or skincare products are the safest, most effective and clinically-proven to really work? Especially when skincare companies rarely use medical research to develop a skincare patented-technology to ensure real results like cellular regeneration and turnover, and the diminishing of sun spots and dark spots.

Enter Envy Medical. The medical device experts turned skincare specialists did just that when they partnered with Stanford University to develop a patented, scientifically proven skincare ingredient known as Lumixyl Peptide. You can find this next-generation dark spot brightening technology in Envy Medical’s brightening products.

Also known as Decapeptide-12, Lumixyl provides an alternative to hydroquinone—the skin lightening ingredient that is known to be irritating and toxic. This clinically-proven peptide reduces stubborn dark spots, age spots, and hormonally-induced pigmentation without side effects like skin irritation—even on skin types that are prone to sensitivity. Lumixyl can be used long-term without having to stop after a specific time period, meaning the products can be a permanent part of your skin brightening regimen.

Envy Medical prescribes a two-phase approach to skin rejuvenation that starts with Dermalinfusion non-invasive facial treatments. This innovative, patented skincare technology and advanced skincare treatment regenerate skin cell renewal using an advanced simultaneous 3-in-1 technology. The diamond dermabrasion tip inside a patented handpiece helps exfoliate at a controlled-depth, extract dirt and debris, and infuse with condition-specific serums deep into skin to spur cellular turnover and promote recovery from oxidative stress, dark spots, common signs of premature aging and breakouts. Envy Medical not only offers a wide array of skincare products for skin aging, antioxidant therapy, hyperpigmentation, rejuvenation, and other skincare concerns but is also one of the few skincare companies that promote healthy skin regeneration and skin renewal backed by medical research and clinical proof.

You can find Envy Medical’s skincare products and Dermalifusion treatments in select medical spas, dermatology offices, medical offices, spa and skin clinics, and salons across the United States. Your esthetician or skincare professional will use customized diagnosis to prescribe the appropriate Dermalinfusion treatment therapy and Envy Medical proprietary skincare products for a visible boost in the vitality, rejuvenation, and regeneration of skin.

Envy Medical is a premier professional skincare system that harnesses scientific knowledge to provide clinically-proven, non-invasive skin rejuvenation therapies.

Leveraging innovative and patented technologies, Envy Medical’s results-oriented, aesthetic treatment and targeted skincare products deliver efficacious results without compromising skin’s delicate balance.

Here are the top reasons why consumers and professionals choose Envy Medical:

– Customizable

– Immediately visible results

– Long-term results

– Efficacious skincare without compromising skin health

– Ideal for all skin types and skin tones

– Treatments and products work quickly to deliver results

– No downtime, no discomfort, minimal time investment

– Easy to use

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