Dark Spots

Can You Really Get Rid of Dark Spots?

They seem to appear out of nowhere: dark, misshaped spots on your face that could be a freckle…but are more likely an age spot.

Dark spots, age spots, dark marks…whatever you call them, these skin discoloration marks are an impediment to a flawless complexion, and are stubborn in their resistance to treatment. It could even be said that dark spots are surpassing fine lines and wrinkles as the most complained about skin problem.

So, why do you have them and what can you do to free your skin of these frustrating marks? Learning how to fade them starts with learning why they showed up in the first place.

What are dark spots?

Dark spots (also known as hyperpigmentation, skin pigmentation, age spots, and uneven skin tone) are an excess production of melanin. Under normal circumstances, melanin production is steady and even: your body tells your skin to make the just-right amount of melanin for your unique skin tone.

Melanin production is thrown into overdrive by UV exposure (think sunlight or tanning beds). Overproduction puts a strain on the even disbursement of pigment, and instead causes clumps to deposit in little uneven pockets across the skin.

Melanin can also be overstimulated by inflammation or injury to the skin, such as post-acne scarring. And, as we age, the normal steady production of melanin becomes irregular, also triggering pockets of dark spots.

What causes dark spots?

As mentioned above, the main trigger of dark spots is UV exposure. Dark spots can surface after decades of sun exposure, or just after one sunny day at the beach.

Post-acne scarring, or any kind of skin trauma, including surgery, can also cause dark spots. So can hormones: melasma (also known as the mask of pregnancy) is triggered by a shift in hormones from pregnancy or even birth control pills. This condition is more common in women, shows primarily in the upper lip, nose, forehead, and chin, and often fades after pregnancy or cessation of birth control pills.

How can I make dark spots go away fast?

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for dark spots. Dark spot fading is impacted by the rate at which your skin renews. It could take a full cellular renewal cycle—roughly 30 days—before you see any progress. But, don’t get discouraged! Dark spots can be minimized if your treatment plan is diligent.

How can I remove dark spots from my face?

You have more options than ever before when treating dark spots.

Treatment of dark spots includes a meticulous professional and home care regimen. Professional Dermalinfusion treatments instantly exfoliate away dark surface cells and simultaneously infuse the skin with spot-targeting ingredients. Dermalinfusion creates the perfect surface for home care treatments by clearing away surface cells that impede product penetration.

When it comes to home care ingredients, look for Lumixyl Peptide. This discovery in the fight against hyperpigmentation was developed by dermatological researchers at Stanford University. It’s a first-of-its-kind peptide that safely inhibits the melanin-producing enzymes that cause dark spots and discoloration. Continued use is clinically proven to reveal brighter, more even skin tone.

Lumixyl is found in Envy Medical products, including Lumixyl Brightening Cream, Lumixyl Brightening Pads, and Trifecting Night Cream. And, the products can be found in dermatologist’s office or skin treatment centers.

Vitamin C and Licorice Root Extract are popular treatments for dark spots that help brighten the skin’s appearance without instigating irritation. However, it’s highly recommended that you get products with these ingredients from a professional. They’re extremely sensitive to degradation if not properly formulated or stored.

Is there anything I can do to prevent them?

Dark spots demand treatment and preventative attention. Preventative attention means wearing SPF every single day, every day, regardless of the season. There is not a prescription or natural remedy that will keep dark spots at bay if you’re unprotected against UV.

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