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5 Signs It’s Time to See a Dermatologist

“Is that a freckle?” “Why am I breaking out…I’m thirty-something!”

Skin issues don’t stop with adolescence. In fact, as we enter in to each new decade, changes in skin may become more frequent.

Before you chalk issues up to the joys of aging or try to Google your way to a solution, read this. You just might need the expertise of a dermatologist. Visiting a dermatologist is as critical as a yearly physical, and way more crucial than that manicure you’ve got scheduled.

1) You have stubborn acne. And you’re not a teen. 

Adult acne is such a major epidemic that skin care products are being specifically designed to treat it. Because adult acne can be an indicator of ongoing stress, hormonal fluctuations, or serious changes in your health, a dermatologist can pinpoint triggers and outline solutions that go beyond topical product treatment to get you back in the clear.

2) That freckle just might be a dark spot. 

You follow the rules when it comes to the sun, but incidental exposure means some of the damage is done. If you start to notice dark spots, especially along the forehead hairline, cheekbones, and chest, see a dermatologist. Overproduction of melanin, the pigment in skin, can be caused by changing hormones.

3) You’re sensitive to products your skin used to love.

It might take a while to make a dent in cement with a hammer, but if you’re dedicated, you’ll ultimately make an impact. 

 Skin can act the same way to ingredients. Repetition can cause sensitivities to develop over time. Call your dermatologist and take your products to your visit. He or she can identify things like artificial fragrances that may be aggravating your skin.

4) Your skin is dry. Like, really, dramatically, not kidding around dry.

Dry skin has many triggers: from pollution to too much sun exposure. But, dry skin can also be an indicator of peri-menopause or menopause. As estrogen levels drop, dryness, sensitivity, and itching increases. See a dermatologist to find out if your dry skin issues might be stemming from hormonal changes.

5) You’re actively Googling your skin care issues.

If your skin issues have become a big enough issue that they’re dominating your thoughts, it’s time to see a dermatologist. Be honest about any changes you’ve noticed or experienced, any treatments you’ve recently received, and what you’d like as an outcome for your skin. 


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